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    Our firm was built to serve the specific needs of managers of start up, and emerging, investment partnerships. This includes: hedge funds, commodity pools, private equity funds, etc.

    While the complexity of certain funds, or investor demands, can require a large auditor to be used. We have carved out a unique niche in providing a cost-effective alternative for funds from inception up to $50 million of assets under management.

    We feel strongly that we have built the best value proposition for this market. Top-quality knowledge with hands-on customer service.

    While we do have limits on the number of clients we can accept, we are always looking to meet existing managers or individuals considering setting up a fund.  These meetings allow us to determine how our knowledge and experience could help them achieve their goals.

    If you’re interested in learning more we encourage you to take a look around our website, register for our mailing list, or feel free to contact me directly.

    Ron Niemaszyk

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