• Investors in Hedge Funds, Pooled Investment Vehicles or Alternative Investments

    Due diligence procedures should be a primary concern any time you make an investment.  The importance of these procedures are magnified when looking at private investment vehicles or any type of alternative investment.

    As an audit and tax firm specializing in the investment partnership industry, we understand the investors need to obtain complete and accurate information upon which to base their decisions. More importantly, we understand our role in helping them obtain that info.

    While the auditor is hired by the fund manager, they work to serve the needs of all the users of the financial statements. This includes both existing and prospective investors.

    Whether you are considering an investment in a hedge fund, private equity or other type of pooled investment vehicle we encourage you to contact their auditor. Ask the auditor about their experience in the industry, their relationship with the client, as well as any services they have provided, or attestation reports that they have issued.

    If you are interested in learning more about investing in a private investment offerings, or specific services that we provide, I encourage you to look around our website, sign up for our mailing list or contact me directly:

    Ron Niemaszyk