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  • Who We Serve

    Broker/Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge and PE Fund Managers….
    as well as the principals, clients and investors of these entities

    Our firm has 20+ years of experience serving clients within the financial industry. We understand the unique demands that financial professionals are faced with – balancing the increasing competitive business landscape with the constantly evolving regulatory environment. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of this space, and are provided by experienced professionals who have been involved in all elements of RIA, B/D and fund operations.

    • Profitability, Productivity and Cash Flows – The online accounting tools that we use provide real time information, so you can track key performance indicators that are customized to assist you in managing your business. In addition to the basics like cash flows, we can also provide you with information to assess productivity of your team members and profitability of individual clients and business segments.
    • Tax Planning – While tax compliance is critical, we are committed to going beyond that by looking for unique planning opportunities to maximize benefits to all stakeholders. These services can be especially valuable to business owners and individuals going through the process of estate planning or structuring gifts and other transactions.
    • Personal CFO Services – This service is ideal for the individual or couple that, while highly compensated , are not able to commit the appropriate level of time to issues like budgeting, reporting and tax planning. The reporting and guidance the service provides allows individuals to focus their time and energy on productive areas or more important matters like family or leisure.
    • Regulatory Filing Requirements – In this increasing complex regulatory atmosphere – the risks of noncompliance can jeopardize your business. We will work with you and your compliance team to ensure that you are able to obtain the information you need for your filings, as well as support for this information so you are able to answer questions when they arise.
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