Value Proposition

  • Our Value Proposition

    We have built our firm and our systems to achieve one goal: providing the “best value” in audit and tax services for investment managers.

    What does that mean to Fund Managers and Investment Advisors?

    We are focused on efficiently keeping the manager in “compliance”, as well as helping them to define and achieve their business goals.

    Our highly targeted industry focus allows our boutique firm to have extensive knowledge of the industry our clients compete within. We work with a variety of regulatory agencies, and are able to efficiently provide answers for most complex questions. We make extensive use of technology, and have customized our documents and procedures to ensure we are as efficient as possible while working with our specific type of clients. All of this helps us to save time which saves our clients’ money.

    What does that mean to investors in the funds we service?

    We help to ensure that they have accurate information upon which to base investment decisions, and help keep their money safe.

    In addition to audit services, we also offer due diligence services for investors, and are in the process of developing tools to improve the transparency of funds and their investment operations. With our new service, instead of waiting until the end of the year for an audit opinion, investors will be notified within days of significant items like: major drawdowns, trading in unauthorized investments, or use of excessive leverage.

    How do our fellow service providers fit into the mix?

    We help our fellow service providers effectively and efficiently “service” their clients.

    By building strong working relationships with fellow service providers such as attorneys and third-party administrators, we ensure that audit procedures are expedited and information requests/questions are handled as efficiently as possible. When this relationship works effectively, everyone – including the fund managers and their investors – “win”.

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