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    “We learned early on that when we are able to work effectively with our clients other service providers  …. Everyone Wins.”                                                                                                                                           -Ron Niemaszyk

    Our firms’ commitment to working effectively and efficiently  with our fellow service providers lead to the creation of the Patke SSP program.  This unique program keeps us obsessively focused on doing all we can to improve the communication and information exchange with our clients other service providers.  The service providers benefit from a more efficient use of their time, the fund managers and their investors benefit from more competitive audit and tax fees.  Everyone Wins!

    The group is open to service providers that we have worked with on previous engagements. In addition to sharing specific clients, all of the members of the group share a commitment to quality and customer service.

    Members of the group receive the following benefits:

    1.  Pre-Season Planning Calls/Meetings –

    2.  Post-Busy Season Wrap Up Calls/Meetings –

    3.  Access to Audit and Tax Research Capabilities –

    4.  Assistance with marketing, educational programming and other outreach opportunities –

    5.  Automated Information Exchange (coming soon)-

    For more information please contact:

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